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Issue Nr. 9

The NovaSolo Product Materials Guide provides a description of all materials used, as well as their structural and aesthetic benefits.

All wood materials used in the production of our furniture are sourced from the island of Java, Indonesia. To comply with our ethical procurement policy, all hardwood materials are SVLK (Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu) certified. SVLK is an internationally recognized verification system that ensures the timber used in the production and export of wooden products is legally sourced from sustainable plantations; it is overseen by the department of forestry in Indonesia.

The rattan material used in the weaving of  our chairs and rattan accessories is carefully selected to ensure the aging of the material is as natural and pure as possible. We use two varieties of this renewable resource: kubu rattan, a thicker variety; and split rattan, a thinner and more malleable variety.

Issue Nr. 9

We are pleased to announce the re-launch of our YouTube Channel featuring our latest product videos from the Halifax and Provence Collections. Check it out today! For your ease of viewing we have included some samples below.


Issue Nr. 8

We are pleased to announce the launch of our newest collection: Halifax Mindi.

The Halifax Mindi Collection is the perfect blend between traditional and rustic. The charming designs are brought to life through the use of Mindi hardwood and a hand applied glaze finish, allowing the wood’s natural patterning and texture to elegantly speak for itself. The detailed profiling on each piece and antique brass hardware bring it all together.

Featuring coffee tables, TV stands, buffets and much more, this range effortlessly complements any living space.

Issue Nr. 7

Meet the new Rustika Collection.

Rustika is pared back, sophisticated style handcrafted for your living space. Slim iron frames delicately outline the geometric designs of this collection, adding both edge and attitude. The textured pallet and natural colour variations of renewed boat wood are contrasted with the black-water based paint finish, creating a modern rustic look.

Featuring coffee tables, TV stands and sideboards, this range befits the dining area and living space.

Issue Nr. 6

Say hello to our latest collection release … the Barca Collection. Barca is a playful collection, combining the natural characteristics of renewed boat wood, with the delicate but bold strength of its iron and aluminium framing and legs. The natural colour variations within each wood plank beautifully highlight the uniqueness of each piece. This array of coffee and side tables is suitable for any living space in your home.

The Barca Collection features a beautiful Natural Boat Wood Finish. This clear water-based matte finish serves as a transparent protective coating to the wood, revealing the natural color variations between each individual wood plank. The finished result subtly emphasizes the textures of the recycled boatwood.

Issue Nr.5

Three new collections that successfully fuse the sleek and minimalistic simplicity that Scandinavian furniture is most recognized.

The Nordic Collection.

Inspired by our Scandinavian roots, the Nordic Collection is born from the ocean. Using similar design elements, with recycled boat wood and an iron steel frame, this collection brings a history within each handcrafted and one of a kind piece.

The Nordic Rattan Collection.

Like the original Nordic collection,  this  collection features the textured pallet of recycled boat wood and powder coated iron steel framing and hardware. The handwoven split rattan door fronts add a natural and unstructured look to each piece. Each piece in the collection is handcrafted and one of a kind.

The Nordic Rattan Mindi Collection.

With the same design credentials as the original Nordic collection, this collection features a Mindi wood frame. All items are finished with a black water-based paint that lightly reveals the rustic texture of the underlying wood. Combined with handwoven split rattan door and drawer fronts, this collection can easily blend into any contemporary interior room setting.

Issue Nr.4

We have added new products to our beautiful and bold Toscana Collection. These new products, featuring familiar designs, are crafted from Mindi wood instead of the traditional mahogany used for prior designs.

Mindi wood is a naturally resistant and extremely workable hardwood. It has a straight coarse grain which can bring out a textured and rustic appearance, or can be sanded to reveal a smooth finish. Mindi wood demonstrates less shrinking and warping than comparable materials, making it an excellent choice for furniture production.

Explore this new range of products which features pieces suitable for both the living and dining space. The Toscana Collection is a classic for any home, due to its exposed wooden surfaces and strong lines.

Issue Nr.3

Halifax Grand introduces a limited collection of our classic white furniture, that has been scaled up in size. Like its parent collection, its designs combine the quaint charm of the French Countryside with the coastal flair of the Eastern Seaboard. Detailed profiling on each piece, together with the warm finishing and antique brass hardware, provides a classic collection for the contemporary home.

Featuring bedside tables and storage units, this collection is a perfect complement to your bedroom or living space. Check out the full collection here:

Issue Nr.2

The status of COVID-19 is evolving daily. At the present time, we do not foresee any changes or closures in the operations of our warehouses.

Although our partners in the transport sector are working hard to carry out deliveries with minimal impact on their service levels, we do recommend preparing for the possibility of delivery delays and/or restrictions.

In light of these unforeseen circumstances, we will continue to provide you with the best service possible. If there are any changes impacting our operations, we will update you immediately.

We send our best wishes for everyone’s safety and health as we get through this unprecedented time together.

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Issue Nr.1

NovaSolo announces logo rebrand and website relaunch

NovaSolo, announced today the launch of its website and logo rebranding. Since its first establishment 15 years ago, the company’s internal structure has solidified and modernized itself and with that came the reformat of their new classic yet bolder logo design, readily implemented across all online platforms. 

Popular for its simple predominantly white furniture farmhouse flair, NovaSolo is looking to give its partners a better experience online. With more partnerships established in the United States, Germany, Denmark and other parts of Europe, the new website is readily accessible in English, Danish and German.

To help its partners understand the process behind its production and craftsmanship of its products, a detailed product information page per collection can now be accessed through the website. A complex and meticulous process, better transparency was needed to ensure customers were as well informed regarding the steps from design, to construction, to shipment & storage, and product care.

Partners should also find faster page loads, by 15%, more mobile friendly and easier navigation between categories.  Make sure to sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date with any new changes or simply get to know the company more!

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