Issue Nr. 9 | Novasolo



Issue Nr. 9 — October 8, 2021

The NovaSolo Materials Guide

The NovaSolo Product Materials Guide provides a description of all materials used, as well as their structural and aesthetic benefits.

All wood materials used in the production of our furniture are sourced from the island of Java, Indonesia. To comply with our ethical procurement policy, all hardwood materials are SVLK (Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu) certified. SVLK is an internationally recognized verification system that ensures the timber used in the production and export of wooden products is legally sourced from sustainable plantations; it is overseen by the department of forestry in Indonesia.

The rattan material used in the weaving of  our chairs and rattan accessories is carefully selected to ensure the aging of the material is as natural and pure as possible. We use two varieties of this renewable resource: kubu rattan, a thicker variety; and split rattan, a thinner and more malleable variety.

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