Issue Nr.2

COVID-19 Update

The status of COVID-19 is evolving daily. At the present time, we do not foresee any changes or closures in the operations of our warehouses. Although our partners in the transport sector are working hard to carry out deliveries with minimal impact on their service levels, we do recommend preparing for the possibility of delivery delays and/or restrictions. In light of these unforeseen circumstances, we will continue to provide you with the best service possible. If there are any changes impacting our operations, we will update you immediately. We send our best wishes for everyone’s safety and health as we get through this unprecedented time together. For more information please contact

Issue Nr.1

Out with the old, in with the bold!

NovaSolo announces logo rebrand and website relaunch

NovaSolo, announced today the launch of its website and logo rebranding. Since its first establishment 15 years ago, the company’s internal structure has solidified and modernized itself and with that came the reformat of their new classic yet bolder logo design, readily implemented across all online platforms. 

Popular for its simple predominantly white furniture farmhouse flair, NovaSolo is looking to give its partners a better experience online. With more partnerships established in the United States, Germany, Denmark and other parts of Europe, the new website is readily accessible in English, Danish and German.

To help its partners understand the process behind its production and craftsmanship of its products, a detailed product information page per collection can now be accessed through the website. A complex and meticulous process, better transparency was needed to ensure customers were as well informed regarding the steps from design, to construction, to shipment & storage, and product care.

Partners should also find faster page loads, by 15%, more mobile friendly and easier navigation between categories.  Make sure to sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date with any new changes or simply get to know the company more!

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About the company

Nova Solo continues to be a family-owned business, in operation since 1996. Created by founder Bo Lauritzen, a passionate world cyclist, sailor and father of six, who set upon building a company for his family. His Danish heritage continues to inform his designs – simple, beautiful and practical. In order to know who you are, you must find your calm.

The business operates on a build-to-stock concept for both drop-ship orders through e-commerce and brick & mortar retail sales channels. By maintaining inventory in strategically located warehouses worldwide, NovaSolo is able to deliver anywhere in Europe, Asia and America from one week down to 48 hours.

This setup has enabled NovaSolo to develop a recognizable brand by providing a seamless service from product design to delivery to your business or home, all the while maintaining the feel of a mom and pop shop.