Baroness Chair (Set of 2)

Rattan furniture has an easy appeal to it. The wicker weave is tactile and comforting and brings us that bit closer to nature, and it’s typically used in rooms that are all about relaxing, think conservatories, bedroom corners or a contemporary living room. Take those notions and combine them with the high armed hug you get from a chair like the Baroness. A more traditional silhouette with a fanned back, it has a slightly slimmer frame than the Baron chair and the arms come a few inches higher too to make it even more comfy and cosy.


Technical details


24.49 lbs


Depth 29.13 in x Width 27.17 in x Height 35.43 in


Natural Grey


  • Kubu rattan

Shipping details

UPC number


Number of Box

2 Chairs per Box

Shipping Weight

67.45 lbs

Shipping Dimensions

Depth 37.00 in x Width 27.95 in x Height 53.94 in