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Product Disclaimer


Furniture items are to be used for their intended purpose only: to store and to display household items (e.g. sideboards, cabinets, hutches, wardrobes) or to support household activities such as seating1 (e.g.chairs), eating (e.g. tables) and sleeping (e.g. beds). Users must always exercise caution in operation. Children (and adults alike) should never be allowed to play, climb or hang on the furniture or its components (shelves, doors, drawers etc.).

To prevent serious injury from furniture tip-over, always place the product on a level surface and secure taller furniture pieces to the wall using restraints and wall anchor hardware2. To further reduce the risk of injury, place heavier personal items in the lower compartments of the furniture.

Any wall fixtures (e.g. floating shelves3 & coat racks4), are recommended to be mounted to brick or concrete walls. Do not mount floating shelves or coat racks into drywall. Mounting screws should be screwed into wall plugs. 


Motion furniture (stools, etc.) has many moving parts. Caution must be used in operation (opening, closing, etc.). Children should not be allowed to play on or operate motion furniture. Only the occupant should operate it.

Materials & Construction

The unique nature of wood and the other materials that are used in production means that no two pieces of furniture will be exactly alike. Small gaps at joints are left intentionally during assembly to allow for natural shrinkage and expansion of the natural wood materials. 


Due to the character of natural products, all dimensions, whether given in metric or imperial, are approximate and are liable to be rounded up or down to the nearest whole number. 

Appearance & Finish

All Nova Solo products are hand finished by skilled craftsmen. This personal touch, combined with the natural characteristics of the materials used, creates a unique product that is truly one of a kind. Slight variations in finish, including color and texture, are to be expected, and are not considered product defects.

Nova Solo Furniture makes every effort to ensure that each item is produced to our exacting standards, but cannot be held responsible for slight variations in finish, colour and general appearance.

Imperfections or variations in the grain, color, or sheen of the wood may occur naturally. As a result, these naturally occurring characteristics are not viewed as damages or defects. 


Please note that images of products displayed on the website may differ in color due to differences in resolution, color settings and brightness of computer monitors. Customers are reminded that colours and finishes may vary according to the unique nature of each item of furniture.

1All Nova Solo seating (e.g. chairs) is designed to withhold a maximum dynamic weight of 113 kg/250 lbs.

2In accordance with ASTM Designation F2057-19 a tip over restraint is provided for all free-standing clothing storage units, including but not limited to chests, chest of drawers, drawer chests, armoires, chifferobes, bureaus, door chests and dressers, 27 in. (686 mm) and above in height. 

3Nova Solo Floating Wall Shelves can withstand a maximum weight of: small 20 kg/44 lbs. (SKU: D163), medium 30 kg/66 lbs. (SKU: D164), long 40 kg/88 lbs. (SKU: D165), extra long 50 kg/110 lbs. (SKU: D166).

4Nova Solo Coat Racks (SKUs: D167, D160, D162, D161) can withstand a maximum weight of 5kg/11 lbs. per hook.

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