• The story of NovaSolo began with a young man embarking on a worldwide journey with nothing but two wheels, he headed east eventually making his way to the world’s largest archipelago and has not left Indonesia since. NovaSolo was established in 1996, in the city of Solo in Central Java, hence the name NovaSolo. While the business model has evolved over the years and the setup today is completely different than what it was, the original values remain the same,
  • NovaSolo is the designer, manufacturer and distributor of its house name collections of assembled indoor furniture. The Head Office and production facility are based in Indonesia, with sales partner companies located in Denmark, Australia, Canada and the USA, to support the European, Australian and North American markets respectively.

    The business operates on a build-to-stock concept for both drop-ship orders through e-commerce and brick & mortar retail sales channels. By maintaining inventory in strategically located warehouses worldwide, NovaSolo is able to deliver anywhere in Europe, Asia and America from one week down to 48 hours.

    This setup has enabled NovaSolo to develop a recognizable brand by providing a seamless service from product design to delivery to your business or home, all the while maintaining the feel of a mom and pop shop.
  • Our concept is simple: you sell, we service. We take care of our partners and their customers too.

    Your partnership with NovaSolo will include:
    - Risk-free quality furniture to enhance your web-store or Brick & Mortar shop
    - User friendly partner platform to make ordering and inventory management easy
    - Daily inventory updates
    - Coordination of delivery to place of business or residence (3rd party providers)
    - 24-hour response time, guaranteed

    Additional value added services:
    - Access to our 1000+ inspirational photo portfolio
    - Partnerships will be advertised on Novasolo.com
  • To develop, manufacture and deliver high quality furniture that is classic and practical in its design, and to provide reliable, authentic and professional service to all the customers we serve.

    To maintain socially responsible practices in our production, employment, and partnerships that prioritizes quality over price.
  • To grow closer to our customers through the products we design, the channels by which we sell, and the regions in which we serve, while maintaining the ideals of an independent, family owned and operated company. We want to stay relevant in a changing marketplace with a recognizable brand that embraces both the history and the future of NovaSolo’s journey.
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