Kitchen Table Small with 2 Boxes

The all-rounder. This is a design that works just about anywhere. Console table or open-fronted shelving, it is ideal for a hallway, dining room, living area or bathroom. But our absolute favourite way is as a freestanding kitchen island with low pendant lighting above. Vintage chic. Here and there is a mark of distressing, done purposefully to grant it a pre-loved air and antique quality. Box clever. The solid mahogany boxes make storage that little bit more fun. On top, below, or both; any configuration works. In a kitchen we like to stash fresh vegetables and free-flowing herbs inside, or elsewhere in the home, children’s toys or craft essentials.



Technical details


51.04 lbs


Depth 21.65" x Width 35.43" x Height 31.50"


White Distress


  • Mahogany
  • Medium-density fibreboard (MDF)

Shipping details

UPC number


Number of Box


Shipping Weight

78.68 lbs

Shipping Dimensions

Depth 25.20 in x Width 38.58" x Height 35.83"