All wood and rattan components, as well as all other secondary construction materials used in
    the production of Nova Solo Home Furnishings have been tested to comply with international
    standards that fulfill the requirements of sustainable forest production management.
    The paint finishing and hardware accessories comply with the required health and safety standards.

    Each piece of furniture is designed and manufactured in-house using only high-grade materials, machinery and craftsmanship
    to ensure a top-quality product. Nova Solo takes a hands-on approach from the selection of
    ethically-sourced timber through to the seal of each expertly packed carton.

    Nova Solo products are durably packed in triple craft 275g (7-layer) overlapping carton boxes.
    All surfaces are lined with foam wrap. All corners and edges are protected with contoured styrofoam bricks.
    The corners are further reinforced by 3-piece MDF caps to withstand impact. A final 2.5cm thick piece of styrofoam is placed on the top surface
    that runs the length of the box. The units are immobilized in their custom-sized boxes which identify their orientation for proper handling.

    To further prevent damages in transit and ensure our product arrives in top condition we reduce the transit time and limit the number of hands
    our furniture passes through. After export from our manufacturing facility we ship directly to our warehouses
    from where the cartons are securely pallet loaded, stretch-wrapped and prepared for delivery to the end-user.
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